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On this website you will find out a lot about my work. I will also post some details about my pictures, i.e. camera settings, locations and so on. Please fell free to leave me comments or why you not write me a guestbook entry? Have fun looking around. Would you like to own one of the pictures in a large print or would like to have a bespoke picture feel free to contact me.

2014 Meetup Walk From Finsbury Park Station to AliPali (2)

Parkland Walk from Finsbury Park to Alexandra Palace

Here I have walked from Finsbury Park Station to Alexandra Palace via Highgate. This walk was organised by a Meetup Group called London Photographic.   This walk took place on the 24-05-2014.   We started in Finsbury Park Station and walked along and on top of an old railway track including the old Crouch End station where you today only… Read more →


Alexandra Palace

Alexandra Palace (Ally Pally) it’s a fantastic place to take pictures of the London Skyline. This Pictures are taken during or shortly before sunset. Read more →